Operation Penumbra: Issue #1


A small group of American soldiers in WWII, lead by General Patton must stop the Nazis from weaponizing supernatural creatures of myth.

Operation Penumbra: Vol. 1 takes place in North Africa in March of 1943. The U.S. Army has just suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel and the German Afrika Korps during the Battle Of Kasserine Pass. Following the defeat, General George S. Patton (“Ol’ Blood and Guts”) was brought in to turn the Army around and make it the world class fighting force it once was.

The book begins when our main characters are sent out on patrol to recon a suspected German radio position that was attacked by an American P-40 Warhawk earlier that day. When they locate the still smoking mud brick building, they come across a horrific sight inside: damaged and destroyed radio equipment amongst carnage and viscera scattered around the room. Their shock is interrupted by the screams of their comrade and machine gun fire coming from outside. They rush to his aid and find a Sand Walker -- a scorpion the size of a Sherman tank-- attacking their friend. This isn’t the war they’d seen in film reels, and it was just the beginning.

In Operation Penumbra the Axis powers have discovered how to weaponize creatures of folklore and mythology against the Allies. Soldiers have been found massacred in their foxholes and whole Commando units have disappeared never to be heard from again. Not only does this give the German army an advantage in combat, but also the crushing blow to Allied morale would be devastating.It has fallen on the shoulders of General Patton and his secret unit, the First U.S. Army Group, to deal with the growing threat.