I can count the number of words I wrote today on no hands... / by Kyle Winters

The title says it all, really. Oh, I should probably write more than that, shouldn't I? This isn't Twitter, after all.

I decided about a week ago that I would challenge myself to write one thousand words a day on my current novella project. In the grand scheme of things that isn't a massive amount of writing to do in an entire day. It has 24 whole hours! During my first two days of this project, I managed to complete the 1k goal in about an hour.

*pats self on back* Not too shabby, I know. I made a nice little hashtag on Twitter to describe my awesome, and totally original, idea, #1kaday, and I vowed to do this every day, no excuses. The next day I sat down at my screen, stared at the stupid little cursor, and managed to only knock out about 600 words. #0.6kaday is a much worse hashtag, and I was more than a little bit disappointed.

Not to worry, I'm a Writer™, and we take our lumps and keep on swinging! Part of the job of being a professional writer is to realize that there are no Writing Gods, no Muses to beg for inspiration, just raw determination and sweat equity! So I got out my nifty lap desk, dressed professionally (Star Wars boxers, t-shirt, and Fitbit), sat down, and faced the dreaded cursor.

That was hours ago and I have written...let's see...*opens up Ulysses, finds the daily word count stats, double checks them.*

Zero words. Yep. Not a damn thing. That gif at the top of this blog? I made it in my writing program INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY WRITING. Yeah, I'm a mother-fucking-god-damned-pro-fessional.

Here's the thing: Some days are just graveyards where productivity goes to die. You do every little thing you can think of to force that spark or extract enough effort to get yourself over that effort barrier, and it just rolls off the old Writing Monster's back like rain off a Penguin. (I'm making that a new idiom, by the way.) It doesn't matter how many inspiring quotes from my favorite authors I read, or cups of coffee I drink, the words just aren't going to come. When that happens you can either decide to light incense and chant to whatever dark god powers Stephen King's daily word count, or you can switch to something else, give yourself a break, and show up the next day.

That's what I'm doing. I'm writing this ridiculous blog instead of working on my more important projects because I just physically can't work on those projects. Rather than try and squeeze writing-blood from this computer-stone, I chose to write this blog and go to the grocery store. The project will be here tomorrow, and so will I, facing down that damn cursor until the words flow.